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Our home in North Gulch places us at the heart of work and play in Downtown Nashville. On one side, you’ll find the playful Gulch; on another, you'll find the new headquarters of Amazon, and beyond, you’ll discover the venues, food, and shops that make the Music City one of a kind. The history of our neighborhood and our address blends that fun and hard working sensibility in equal measure.

Dating all the way back to before the Civil War, our historic block has gone from bustling railyard to busy industrial district and, now, to trendy and new: a neighborhood where you can always find something to do. Our address is as inventive today as it was in 1949 when Maurice Thomas "M.T." Gossett—entrepreneur and inventor—built the M.T. Gossett Building right on this corner. The iconic neon sign went up and this building became a landmark of its city and its industrialized neighborhood.

Today, our historic address can be your home, too. Our community and apartments were designed in the spirit of invention, energy, and creation that has defined this block since the 20th century. From the custom cabinetry and tile backsplash inside each one-, two-, and three-bedroom home to the hammock garden, swimming pool, and pool tables where you’ll play and unwind, this is bold luxury and rich history all rolled into one.

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